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[Unofficial translation of an article by Chinese media outlet which hints at the use of third-party combat drones by Ethiopian/Eritrean forces against the people of Tigray]

The Asian-Arab conflict, which had just subsided a while earlier, ended with Azerbaijan’s victory. In this war, UAV (drone), as a new type of weapon and equipment, soon gained the attention of all countries in the world. Some experts even predicted that in the future war, UAVs will replace armed helicopter and become a new favorite on the battlefield. This is true in the recent conflict between Ethiopia and the rebels.

Satellite data provided by a U.S. space company recently showed that buildings in the area where the rebels were fighting in Ethiopia were suspected to have been hit by a large-scale precision guided attack and the rebels who used the building as shelters suffered a devastating blow. In this attack, at least 500 rebels were eliminated on the spot. The Ethiopian government forces had absolute initiative at the beginning of the battle. Such a precise air strike was definitely not done by the Su-27 of the Ethiopian Air Force. It was the Ethiopian Air Force that used the killer weapon. Judging from the current situation in Ethiopia, both Ethiopia and the UAE Air Force stationed in Ethiopia have used them. The Ethiopian side uses the Rainbow 4 weapon. The UAE air force is likely to use the Pterosaur 2 armed UAV.

Both types of drones are excellent products produced in China and been exported to many countries and regions of the world. Pterosaur 2 is developed by China’s Chengdu aircraft industry group. The aerodynamic layout of pterosaur 2 is generally similar to that of the previous domestic pterosaur UAVs, but the size of pterosaur 2 is almost a circle larger than that of pterosaur. Therefore, compared with pterosaur, the next generation of pterosaur 2 has improved significantly in terms of missile load and maximum range. In the seven years since it was put into the market, pterodactyl 2 has been successfully equipped in many countries, realized the normal application, and has a good performance in the actual combat process. Rainbow 4 UAV, as a representative product of China’s “Rainbow” UAV series, is also exported to the Middle East and Europe.

These two kinds of UAVs represent the advanced level of UAVs in China. Compared with the UAVs made in the United States, before China’s UAVs have gained momentum, the UAVs made in the United States have been widely welcomed in the international arms market. However, since China’s UAVs entered the international market, many countries are immediately attracted by the high cost effectiveness of Chinese UAVs. At the same time, Chinese UAVs are more durable and easy to manufacture than those of the United States. In terms of maintenance, it has successfully shaken the dominant position of American UAVs in the international market.

In this conflict, Ethiopia has once again used our home-made [Chinese] drones, and it is clear that the use of drones in modern warfare, after the end of the conflict in the Naka region, has attracted and begun to be imitated by countries around the world.


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