By Michael Rubin

November 21, 2022 06:00 AM

It’s clear that President Joe Biden aspired to be a foreign policy president. “Diplomacy is back” became his mantra upon winning the election. While the botched withdrawal from Afghanistan may have shaped the foreign policy legacy of his first year and the Ukraine war his second, with negligence and cynicism, Biden’s foreign policy team now presides over a broader and more corrosive problem: a growing sense among the world’s rogues that genocide works.

Consider the Uyghurs : China today subjects them to the most industrial genocide of any group since Nazi Germany decided upon its “Final Solution” for Europe’s Jews. Just as then-President Franklin Delano Roosevelt ignored evidence and rationalized inaction, today, Biden’s environmental czar John Kerry has argued that setting a positive atmosphere to talk with Beijing on environmental concerns must trump engagement with regard to the eradication of a people, culture, and civilization. “Life is full of tough choices,” Kerry explained.

Or consider Tigray: Two years ago, Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and his mentor Eritrean President Isaias Afwerki launched a genocide against Ethiopia’s minority Tigray population marked by starvation and summary execution. They targeted men, women, and children equally and cut off the region from international assistance, independent media, and communications. Biden’s recognition of the travesty did not translate into substantive deterrence. Abiy simply dismissed a series of envoys sent by Biden. While the State Department welcomed the current ceasefire, Abiy and Afwerki appear inclined to continue their slow slaughter, the arrival of a small number of aid trucks notwithstanding. In effect, Tigray experiences today what Rwanda’s Tutsis would have been had the Hutu génocidaires won.

Then, there is Rwanda. President Paul Kagame has been the continent’s antidote to genocide. Not only did his Rwandan Patriotic Front restore order to the East African country, but in recent years, Rwandan forces have also single-handedly prevented similar genocides in northern Mozambique and the Central African Republic. They did this at no cost to the international community. Meanwhile, the United Nations continues its quarter-century policy of allowing Hutu génocidaires to have free rein over refugee camps in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Despite the existential threat Rwanda continues to face, the Biden administration refuses to acknowledge the anti-Tutsi nature of the 1994 genocide. Rather than take a zero-tolerance position toward terror incitement, Secretary of State Antony Blinken defers to Hollywood narratives to defend those funding anti-Rwanda terrorism .

Nowhere has the Biden administration done more to greenlight genocide than with regard to the Armenians and Kurds. Biden broke diplomatic ground when, two years ago, he recognized the Armenian genocide, but Blinken’s cynical bothsiderism convinces Azerbaijani leader Ilham Aliyev that he faces no consequence for the mass murder of Armenians. It was no coincidence that Azerbaijan and Turkish Special Forces attacked Armenian-populated Nagorno-Karabakh on the 100th anniversary of the Ottoman attack on independent Armenia. That Biden continues to greenlight weapons sales to Azerbaijan while Aliyev promises to conquer Yerevan encourages the Azerbaijani and Turkish belief that they can complete the genocide Ottoman and Turkish officials began more than a century ago.

Nor can Biden and Blinken pretend that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has not telegraphed his desire to eradicate and ethnically cleanse Kurdish-ruled and populated districts in northern Syria. That Biden continues to push for F-16s for Turkey as Erdogan orders them to bomb civilian towns and villages is unconscionable.

Across the globe, however, dictators have discovered that when it comes to mass slaughter, the White House is a paper tiger. It simply does not care.

Diplomacy is not simply about great power competition, nor should it simply be a way for envoys or State Department employees to see the world on the government dime. Much can be done to prevent genocide if only there is will. Across the globe, however, dictators have discovered that when it comes to mass slaughter, the White House is a paper tiger. It simply does not care. Biden sees himself as a foreign policy whiz. If his administration continues apace, he might be remembered like Henry Kissinger, but for all the wrong reasons.

Michael Rubin ( @mrubin1971 ) is a contributor to the Washington Examiner’s Beltway Confidential. He is a senior fellow at the American Enterprise Institute.

Source: Washington Examiner